15 Nov

When you come to the moment in your life when your tired of going through the pain and carrying around the weight of it all. When you realise that something has to change in order for you to heal and grow.

1. DECIDE - you have to have the conviction, drive and determination to make that change.

2. TIME - you have to make time for your healing journey. Setting aside a time in the day for yourself, whether or not it's early in the morning or later on in the day you will need to take time out for yourself to work on yourself.

3. INVEST - You may need to find a mentor or coach who speaks your healing language, who is further along the journey than you and can equip you with the tools to help you grow.  This has been a key part of my journey to healing.

4. MEDITATE - I must say this has been a great tool for me to help me on my healing. Every time I meditate I feel like another piece of me has healed.

5. JOURNAL - Journal your healing journey. Yes, get yourself a journal, if you haven't already and start to write and about the way you feel, what inspires you, things you love, the way something makes you feel, the things you aspire to be or do....  

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The path to healing is a long journey. There are no quick fixes. You just need the willpower and the mindset to decide it's time to make some drastic changes and invest in yourself. 

We have the ability to heal and grow as humans. The capacity to evolve if we so choose to. Everytime, I hear or read about someone who has committed suicide my heart sinks. I wonder if they knew how to access the tools they needed to let go of bagagges they did not need to carry around with them anymore. Or if they just got tired of trying. Did they decide the journey was just too long and hard? My mother always use to say this proverb to meand it kind of stuck with me:" The race is not for the swift but to he that can endure to the end". Basically this means, it really is not about how fast someone else finishes, it's about how well you run the race and that you finish the race.

I guess I just am not made to quit! No Sireee!!! There is something in me that kicks in everytime I get stuck or overwhelmed. Something in me says right, if there is a problem, there has to be a solution, and I start from there. In my book, there is just no way out other then to fight, build and grow stronger mentally.

Take CONTROL of your WELLBEING and feel FREE🆓🆓🆓

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