Divorce Matters

Family Law Coach TP offers compassionate and supportive guidance through the complex process of divorce, helping clients to navigate legal, financial, and emotional challenges with confidence and clarity.

Children Matters

We cover a range of different applications such as applications for a Child Arrangement Order/Parental Responsibility/Declaration of Parentage/other s.8 Orders. This is a very sensitive area of law and the child's needs are paramount when dealing with this kind of area of law.

Non-Molestation/Occupation Orders

Secure your peace of mind with our 'Non-Molestation/Occupation Orders' service, designed to support you to access legal protection against harassment or abuse. Whether you're facing domestic violence or simply want to ensure your personal safety, our expert team will guide you through the necessary legal proceedings to obtain a Non-Molestation Order to prevent contact from an abuser, or an Occupation Order to regulate who can live in your shared home. Our confidential and compassionate approach ensures your well-being is our top priority.


Sometimes things don't go to plan and even though you may have won your case the other side may breach the order or fail to do something. We can assist you with your application to try and get things back on track.

Legal Documents

We provide assistance with drafting documents required for court, such as: - Witness Statements - Schedules of Allegations - Responses to Schedules of Allegations - Applications - Consent orders - Position Statements - Bundles etc

Legal Research

We can assist you with finding the legislation and case law relevant to your matter to help you improve your chances of achieving a successful outcome.